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Rigged pokies – Explaining the legal and illegal rigging

You are probably wondering how someone can rig the pokies game and still keep it legal? Stick with me and you will realize that you have been filled with false knowledge for an extended period.
To better understand the legal part of the rigging, you have to know the payback percentage. Whenever you see that the online pokies game has 90 percent payback percentage you automatically assume that it will give you that payback no matter how much money you invest. This is a first mistake each, and every one of you makes.

The percentage you see is probably real, but it represents payback the game will provide over the course of its life. The payback may sometimes be 30 percent, and someone may be lucky enough to stumble on a pokies game when it has 150 percent payback. That 90% is not a fixed payback; it’s the theoretical percentage the game might provide. Next time you lose a lot of money on a pokies game; don’t go whining about that on a forum. Your lack of the knowledge is the only reason you have lost the money you invested.

You, among other people, fail to realize the function of online pokies. They aren’t there to make you rich; they are there to make their owner a bit richer than he is now. Every pokies game has an option with which the owner may set the probability of a win.

There isn’t a casino that will give you 100% return; because they won’t have any profit (money someone else loses will go in hands of another player, and so on). It is more likely that the owner (casino) will set the return percentage between 75 and 90 percent (don’t trust those 98 percent advertisements, they are false).

This means that for every dollar you spend on a game, only the percentage set by the owner becomes available for you to win. Every dollar invested in a game with 90 percent return will create 10 cents of pure profit for the casino.

Everything written above this is a proper rigging of the online pokies. Wherever there is a chance of earning more than it is legal, there will be people that will do it. This applies to pokies as well. Some developers make pokies, and they intentionally leave space that the casino may use to rig the game illegally.

A game that isn’t adequately protected by the developer is open to hacking, and if the casino has trained people (they do have them), they will find a way to tip the chances and get more out of that game.If you want to play online pokies, but you are afraid of the unfair casino, then aim at big ones.

Several big casinos exist for a long time, and their reputation is excellent. They don’t allow cheating and they don’t cheat. Playing with them is safe because they don’t have any complaints about illegal rigging (if they had that they wouldn’t be as popular as they are).

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