How to Play Pokies and Win Big

Playing pokies can get you a lot of money, and it’s extremely fun to play as well. Players that enjoy playing these games know that the money that you get is as real as it gets. In-game currency is a coin, and every coin can be converted into dollars. It’s easy to learn how to play it but if you thing that that all there is to it you’re mistaken. There are various strategies that players use in these games. To bring you closer to realizing how important tactics are we created this easy to follow guide.

Start from the beginning.

To download the app on your phone, all you need to do is to a market and get it. If you want to play on your computer, visit their website and create an account. It’s simple as that, and you can start playing as soon as you become eligible by creating and verifying your account. To play online pokies all you need is a credit card, secure internet connection, and a device to play it on whether that is a phone or a computer. There are some great pokies that you can find online that provide bonus coins once you register your account, so take a couple of more minutes to do this. You will appreciate free coins that will give you a head start that other players won’t have.

Tips for Wining.

To get the most out of your play, you need to implement strategies. There are a couple that is worth mentioning, and they are not hard to learn and master. Keep in mind that you are playing with real money here so invest wisely. Every row on a slot machine can get you a jackpot.

Four same signs in a row will get you a 1x bonus if you get two lines with same signs you get a 2x bonus and so on. The goal here is to place the same amount of coins on every line. This way you get equal chances for the jackpot. Once you start doing this, you will see how effective it is. Another great strategy is to play a couple of times on one puggy and then switch to a next one.

Why would someone do this?

Even top player don’t know this as it is kept as secret. Every slot machine counts how many times someone played on it. Jackpot activates after a certain number of “pulls” and no one knows the exact number. But if you play every slot machine once or twice you increase your change of hitting that jackpot. You can’t know when a slot machine is close to a jackpot. So switch often and hit that jackpot as soon as you can.

Knowing the rules gives you an advantage and lets you have full control over your actions. So learn as much as you can about puggys-how they work, what types there are, and most importantly how to get that jackpot without breaking a sweat. 

    Alice Scheer

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